O-RAN – How It Would Disrupt the Telecom Space

In a world where telecom operators have been struggling to break free from the legacy architectures they’ve been tied to, O-RAN helps them in easily and confidently circumventing the complexities of traditional networks

SD-WAN: A Game Changer for Telecom ISVs

Embracing SD-WAN can give telecom operators and service providers a clear picture of what’s happening in the telecom network.

The Role of Networking in Enabling IoT

It is interesting to see how the world of networking is evolving to support the demands of technologies such as IoT.

Where the Cloud Native Approach is Taking NFV Architecture for 5G

This blog explains where cloud-native approach in NFV been this year and where it’s headed.

RBAC (Role Based Access Control) for VCP

RBAC is a way to provide an access to the logged in user in vCenter server. The administrator user can create roles and assign privileges to the user for role based access control. In vCenter plugin, we can manage RBAC by creating specific privileges, like read only snapshot dashboard, Limited access to Datastore operations.

Software Defined Network (SDN) – Present, Past and Future.

Before we move ahead let us understand the 3 generations of networking. The first generation of networking was primarily dominated by mainframes. Organizations invested a lot of…