Calsoft continues to positively impact the OpenSource technology space
The company added immensely to the Akriano Edge family and StarlingX all-in-one simplex EdgeX deployment.
5G: Need, Evolution And Its Functional Architecture
In the course of this podcast, Kiran explains in detail the functional architecture of 5G technology layer by layer, a revolution of 5G and its impact on the global economy, players working on 5G hardware and the role of Calsoft in this revolution.
Product and Network Engineering Solutions tailored for Global ISVs
Innovating in the Engineering space for more than two decades
Address your most critical Data protection and Security concerns
Enterprise, Endpoint and Cloud Backup solutions
Move Faster with Microservices
Learn about the best practices to move to the microservices architecture and reap the benefits out of it
Plugin Development for Network Modelling Platform
Know how Calsoft helped the client for the development of NSX Plugin and Extreme Networks L2/L3 Switches Plugin for customer’s network modeling and risk scoring platform.
Fuelling new age Enterprises with ‘Digital power’ encompassing IoT, AI, ML, and Data Analytics
Continuously addressing the R&D goals for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with end-to-end Product Engineering services
Applying 20 years of engineering innovation to Datacenter technologies such as Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Hyperconverged and Cloud
Empowering Telcos and Service providers to achieve Business Goals and agility

Calsoft Technology Timeline

Calsoft Focus

Contributions to the Opensource Community

Passion for technology and innovation is driving us to contribute immensely to Opensource communities. Calsoft in the continuum is positively impacting the Opensource technology space by making multiple contributions to Opensource projects like Medhavi, StarlingX, Akraino, and OpenStack.

Contribution to Opensource Community

Technology Spectrum

We are a 'Technology First' Company

Enabling global ISVs and Enterprises to innovate and scale up.
Agile Infra, DevOps and Integration solutions across virtual ecosystems such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft
Cloud Engineering Solutions to suit scalability and adaptability requirements of ISVs, CSPs and MSPs
Application Modernization solutions to suit Enterprise and ISV needs
Security solutions across APIs, Networks and Cloud environments

Calsoft Skill Matrix

What's hot?

What are our Engineers Brewing right now?

You name it, and we have it.
Software Beta testing 95%
Test Automation 90%
Kubernetes Networking 85%
NFV Infrastructure Automation 70%
Storage QA 80%
Containerization & Security 95%
ServiceNow 90%
DevOps 80%
Microservices 80%
NVMe SSD Certification 85%

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