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Key Technology Trends Shaping the Telecom Industry

The Telecom sector is facing brand new challenges due to the pandemic, but it is also getting brand new opportunities. Advanced technologies are changing the telco game, and this article, we explore six of the most popular ones! Read on to find out more.

The Open RAN Wave & Why You Should Know About It

Open RAN has revolutionized the RAN ecosystem and ushered us into an era of innovation in telecommunication. Read on to see how it works and why you should take notice of it.

[Infoblog] The Anatomy of 5G

View our infographic on 5G technology overview and use cases.

Software Defined Network (SDN) – Present, Past and Future.

Before we move ahead let us understand the 3 generations of networking. The first generation of networking was primarily dominated by mainframes. Organizations invested a lot of…