[Infoblog] Tech Trends 2021

The digital shift arising from the pandemic is changing the way we function and has catalyzed growth for many technologies to become showstoppers. Read this article to know about the tech trends in 2021 and how Calsoft’s Mozaic offerings can help you acclimatize to the new normal.

Driving Customer Delight with Data Governance

Data governance ensures enhanced data quality, which, in turn, drives informed decision making. But did you know that it also enhances customer experience? Read this insightful blog to delve deeper into this concept.

Computational Storage: Potential Benefits of Reducing Data Movement

We saw that Computational Storage is providing higher capacity solutions with lower power consumption, as we use distributed processing.

[Infoblog] What are companies doing in the computational storage space?

In our upcoming keynote session at SNIA SDC India 2020, we will elaborate on the idea of computational storage and its position in the market. You can reach out to our speaker Rohit Srivastava during the session and ask your queries about CS at the event. For that, don’t forget to register first!

Unveiling Emerging Data-centric Storage Architectures

The digital way of interactions is becoming normal as data is the output of all our everyday activities.

What if Computational Storage never existed?

Without computational storage, we would have experienced excessive data movement between computing and storage resources, increasing latencies and making our dream of real-time data processing a mere dream.

Computational Storage: Pushing the Frontiers of Big Data

Computational storage brings compute resources close to where data is stored, helping pre-process big data quickly and efficiently.

Why Computational Storage Is Changing the Storage Game

Computational storage promises to make a profound impact on a variety of business processes.

It’s Time for StorageNxt

The data storage industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and technologies disrupting the industry like never before.

Disruption in Data Storage – Nuances & Opportunities

Let’s have a look at the top three disruptions in data storage that bring about new opportunities for enterprises to actualize their digital aspirations.