5 Pro Tips for Choosing the Best-fit Cloud Storage

Acknowledging the competitive advantages that cloud provides, enterprises are increasingly preferring cloud storage over on-premise storage.

Demystifying Persistent Storage Myths for Stateful Workloads in Kubernetes

Kubernetes provides workload portability. That is, any workloads should spontaneously run on any type of infrastructure where Kubernetes clusters are deployed. In the case of handling stateful workloads, it may not easy to set up persistent storage but it is not impossible

Simplify Storage for Kubernetes with Rook and Ceph

Kubernetes has enabled applications to be cloud native, but application storage has not been enabled with cloud native features from the start. Rook bridges that big gap by making storage cloud native in conjunction with Ceph and other storage systems.

Let’s go beyond QA and look at QE

By integrating quality at every step of the software development lifecycle, companies can create products that set new standards of quality in the market. It’s clear that Quality Engineering is now a strategic function with the potential to deliver a competitive advantage.

Analysis: How are Faster Networks Advancing the New-Age Datacenters

Providing lower latency up to 10 microseconds is a new challenge for operators to enable new technologies in the market. For this to happen, data center need to complement the higher broadband network. It forms the base digital innovation to happen in future.

Importance of High Availability Feature in Storage

HA feature plays an important role in Disaster Recovery System (DRS). We can interconnect more than one cluster which is located at different geographically location. In case of any physical damage, if one site goes down then another can take responsibility to serve the data and handover the remaining task once another site recovers from failure.

NVMe over Fabrics: Fibre Channel vs. RDMA

For enterprises deploying NVMe over Fabric, choosing between Fibre Channel and RDMA can be difficult, because both have advantages and disadvantages.

Top Three IoT Concerns for IT Infrastructure

This article talks about how a proliferation of data due to growing number of devices imposes a burden on current IT infrastructure and what needs to be done to tackle the challenges. Concerns are: need faster and high volume data storage systems, need scalable and agile network with high bandwidth and low latency

SIOC (Storage IO Controller)

Storage IO Controller is used to manage the IO on VM in an efficient way. We can consolidate our storage by using SIOC, It will allow more VMs which we can map on the datastore. Every VM disk has its own share of storage resource and using SIOC we can manage these shares. The VM has more share then more throughput and low latency.

SNIA SDC 2018 – The Largest Storage Developer Conference in India

Calsoft, an ISV preferred product engineering services partner announced its participation as “SDC India Premier partner” at the Storage Developer Conference (SDC). Being a premier sponsor at SDC, Calsoft will showcase its unique capabilities in the areas of conventional Datacenter technologies and the new disruptive areas alike.