Java9 With JShell

Although most of the programming languages tend to come and go, JAVA is one that’s here to stay. As one of the most popular and widely adopted languages with a high performance, scalable runtime and innovations towards the JDK, it has a large impact on the world’s computing infrastructure. The motive for evaluating Java9 is to make JDK more modular

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) Test Automation Using Cucumber

Behavior-driven development (BDD) is a software development process that has come out of the software engineering methodology of test-driven development (TDD). BDD (behavior-driven development) is largely facilitated through the use of a simple domain-specific language (DSL) using natural language constructs (e.g., English-like sentences)

Importance of Automation in QA Ecosystem for Rapid Product Release Cycle

Every product should go through quality assurance or testing, before going to market, to make sure that the product is developed as per expectations. This involves various testing phases such as build testing, smoke/sanity testing, feature testing, regression testing and sometimes products need to go through performance testing as well. All these phases help

DevOps Enterprise Summit

DevOps Enterprise Summit, also known as DOES, is an extensive event for the leaders and organizations which practices devOps at large. The DOES event emphasizes on technology as well as architectural tools. The event caters to the need of growing organizations and leaders to help them grow their business

5 Reasons Why Key Decision Makers Outsource their Product Sustaining & Support

With businesses going global, product companies are facing stiff competition with changing consumers’ need and rapid technology advancements. This has led product companies to launch more and more new products with advanced features. This has definitely helped companies in maximizing their

OpenDaylight Summit 2016

OpenDaylight Summit, a flagship event of technology, is just few days away and it’s been held in Meydenbauer Center, Seattle. This year OpenDaylight have more than 40 sessions, keynotes, tutorials, speakers, etc., which will talk about various topics under the roof of open networking. The major topics which

Key Business and Engineering challenges for Startups

We are witnessing a rapidly changing world of technology which has attracted a large number of startups. The allure to launch a tech startup is easy to…

Testing Times for All-Flash Arrays

451 Research has estimated that in 2014 the market for All-Flash Arrays across the leading vendors was a substantial $ 1.7 Billion with a growth of over…

VMware Virtual SAN: The Next Opportunity?

Software defined Storage (SDS) is the next logical step in the evolution of not just storage, but also virtualization technology. VMware has made its move by introducing…