Distributed Application Architecture for Edge-Based Service Delivery

Now, as the focus of many enterprises and technology vendors started to shift to edge, a new architecture may evolve as distributed applications have a different environment with a different type of latency requirement.

Smart Shop Floor – The Next Industry Revolution

Industries had undergone three revolutions till. First being, mechanization and using indirect combustion for powering up mechanization through water and steam power (Industry 1.0). Second revolution brought complicated machinery for mass production and used electrical power (Industry 2.0).

All the software that goes into making IoT solutions work

Modern IoT solutions communicate constantly with the digital world, producing data and insights previously thought impossible. With 31 billion connected devices to be available by 2020, it’s safe to say that IoT is here to stay.

Evolvement of Kubernetes to Manage Diverse IT Workloads

This article talks about how Kubernetes has emerged from container orchestration platform to manage complex workloads in AI and Machine Learning Stacks, Managing containers in NFV architecture and handling hardware GPU resources.

Test Driven Development

Software testing is a mechanism in which the program or an application is executed where the basic intention is to find out the discrepancies and deviations between the desired result or the outcome and the actual result or outcome.

Technical Documentation Review and Tips

Technical reviews are vital for effective and quality documentation. To make this happen, have documentation and its reviews listed as one of the deliverables – just like development or testing. This will place priority on the process, and ensure everyone involved understands the importance of proper and thorough reviews.

Getting Started with Blockchain Technology

As the name indicates, a blockchain is a chain of blocks that contain information. The blockchain is a distributed ledger that is completely open to anyone. They have an interesting property: once some data is written in the blockchain it becomes very difficult to change it. So how does that work? Well, let us take a closer look at a block. 

What DevOps Mean to QA/Test?

DevOps – as it stands for “Development” + “Operations” is a buzzword these days and everyone is trying to get some insight into it. As exciting as it may sound, many in the test department have a common question – “Where do they stand in the whole premise of DevOps?”.

On-Premises versus Cloud Solutions

This article gives comprehensive overview of on-premises (private) versus public cloud solutions and throws light on building hybrid cloud solutions.

A Look at vCenter Integration with Storage Arrays

Typically, in large scale data center deployment and management, different components of a data center are managed by different system administrators. To get the provisioning or updating of instructions processed, certain iterations have to be followed by the admins. As data center surged towards cloud-managed, a need for having a single console emerged …