Generative AI and the changing face of Software Development Lifecycle

Generative AI and the changing face of Software Development Lifecycle

Generative AI is revolutionizing many IT segments, and one of such segments is software product development lifecycle (SDLC). This blog summarizes how Generative AI is transforming SDLC with its applications, benefits, and examples.

4 Steps to Building an Effective Application Modernization Strategy

The primary obstacle to a successful modernization of applications is a disconnect between the priorities of the management versus those of the technical and product development teams. An effective application modernization strategy can save you millions and skyrocket productivity. Here is a step-by-step guide that our experts swear by.

Are Legacy Technologies Delaying the Digital Dream for Established Businesses?

Many IT departments of established businesses today face issues when it comes to managing the day-to-day IT operations with dependencies on these legacy technologies. Read about the practices that can be followed to align growth strategies with the existing legacy technologies to achieve Digital Dream.

Managed Services or Staff Augmentation, or Both: What Works Best for You?

The most common dilemma faced by IT leaders is whether to go for staff augmentation or managed services while adhering to the timelines and budgets. Let’s get into the details of both the services to evaluate what works best for you.

Basics of LUN and Target discovery on Windows

During my work with multipathing driver, I came across multiple situations where once devices were removed and added but they did not come back in time. Multi…