5G: Network Slicing, Its Management, and Orchestration

5G: Network Slicing, Its Management, and Orchestration

5G Network Slicing is a key characteristic in 5G which is realized through the integration of virtualization and software-defined networking technologies. The management and orchestration of 5G network slicing is a complex task that involves a combination of software and hardware solutions. Read this blog to explore the concept of Network Slicing and its management, orchestration aspects mainly focusing on management models.

Solutions to Top 5 challenges in Orchestrating 5G services

The advent of 5G has brought about numerous opportunities for the telecommunications industry. However, to fully realize the potential of this new technology, companies must overcome the…

OpenStack Cloud Orchestration – Automation for Cloud Infrastructure Deployment

Orchestration will enumerate different resources; it will do configuration & interconnection between them with the help of declarative template. AWS Cloud Formation, OpenStack Heat provides such declarative template that orchestrates all IT processes to build environment as single workflow and when we execute these templates it will run as single process.