9 Cloud Areas with the Most Potential in the Post-Pandemic World

This blog is a round-up of our series of 9 mini-blogs called Calsoft Cloud 9 Series, which focuses on the 9 cloud use cases that hold a tremendous potential in the Post-Pandemic era.

Digital Health – Treatment of the Future?

Our ninth and final mini-blog aims to cover the expanse of digital health in the COVID-19 scenario.

Cloud Security

Our eighth mini-blog is dedicated to a concern that the world is now becoming increasingly aware of, especially during the pandemic.

From Window Shopping to Virtual Shopping

In our seventh mini-blog, let us look at the trend that was very much on the forefront even before the pandemic struck. Yes, today’s topic is e-commerce.

Learn From Home – Digital Education

This mini-blog focuses on the world of education, specifically the niche of digital education.

Virtual Events & Conferences: What’s Clicking?

Let’s take a look at how virtual events and conferences have gained importance during the pandemic.

On-demand Delight – Digital Entertainment

Welcome to our fourth mini-blog. It’s about something really exciting in the world of entertainment – yes, streaming apps and their kind!

VoIP: Voice of Social Distancing

The third mini-blog in this series focuses on the trending technology called VoIP (Voice over IP).

Virtual Conferencing Gains Traction

Our second mini-blog will take you through the increased proliferation of virtual conferencing and the major players in this space.

The Rise of Remote Collaboration During COVID-19

Let’s begin our informative and insightful journey – of discovering the 9 cloud solution areas that are shifting the cloud services paradigm in a never-before-contemplated age, thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic.