RSA Conference 2017

RSA conference will be held on February 13-17, 2017, at Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA. This year the highlight of the event would be how to safeguard against cyber-crime and protect your data. As the world is getting more and more digital and convenient, simultaneously it is also imposing threats on security and privacy.

Key Benefits and Future of Hybrid Cloud

Mobile Technology, Social Media, and Data Analytics are considered to be the latest disruption in IT industry. Along with these, Cloud Computing is another technology which has earned its place as a core disruptors in this digital age. Over the years cloud market has matured, and companies

Insights on SDDC Expo 2016

The most awaited SDDC (Software-Defined Datacenter) expo is just weeks away, this year it will be held on 3-5 November 2016 at Santa Clara Convention Center, California. Software Defined Datacenter virtualized the various elements of infrastructure such as CPU, Networking, Security and storage and delivers

Software-Defined-Storage (SDS) – An Alternative to Traditional Storage

We all are aware of the amount of data being generated by an enterprise as well as an individual every minute across the globe. Mobility, social media…

Docker Swarm & Flocker Driver Integration

Docker Swarm and Flocker are evolving technologies & I was trying to integrate them but there was some lack of documentation efforts & really its challenge to…

How OpenStack is Valuable for Containerized Ecosystem

Container is an evolving technology. The entire industry is talking and discussing about it. Especially Developer and Ops communities have shown great interest in container technology. According to a recent survey, majority respondents are interested in containers in conjunction with their

Nutanix Acquisition of PernixData and – Key Observations

We all heard the news right; Nutanix a leader in enterprise cloud computing has finally announced that it is acquiring PernixData a pioneer in scale-out data acceleration and analytics company and an innovator in DevOps automation. PernixData makes software that aggregates all flash-based

Green Storage – Saving the World One Terabyte at a Time

How the carbon footprint is impacting the atmosphere rules most conversations today and is one of the most burning issues we are faced with. With organisations concentrating more on carbon management programmes, there is a need to revamp storage practices. CIO’s are looking….

Cognitive Computing – A New Era of Thinking

Digital computation from number computation to text to rich media computation in the computing era is showing the sign of aging. The next big digital revolution in the current era of computation is trending towards context based computation popularly known as cognitive computing. So, what is cognitive….

Top 5 Storage acquisitions in first half of 2016

Every year acquisitions are changing the storage landscape, adding a lot of dynamism and churn in the entire storage industry. First half of year 2016 has been no exception. We have seen some key acquisitions happened which may impact storage industry in the long run. They were 27 acquisitions….