Virtual Machines or Containers. Which is Better in NFV Infrastructure?

There are a significant amount of advantages of using container-based VNFs rather than hypervisor driven. But if we look at the current stage of NFV progress in NFV technology innovation was not much faster which were anticipated in 2012 due to lack of common guidelines model. But now, 5G networks are started to deploy and tested in

Incorporation of OpenStack and Open Source MANO (OSM) for NFV Deployments

Both OpenStack and OSM  have a large community that have a rapid pace for innovating NFV & higher contribution by all scale companies to enhance current features and develop new capabilities for core projects under it. For NFV case, OpenStack standardized interfaces between NFV elements and infrastructure.

Cloud Management

The new market era is out  and yes most of the IT service provider organizations are in Cloud business. There are different platforms available to host the cloud environment for these providers but the question is What is this? What am I suppose to know to implement this? To understand more, one can think about virtualization where

Moving to Next Stage of Development – CI/CD

Continuous Integration and Continuous Development is the approach now days where most of  the development organization have started adopting. In my view, since I have exposure on working on big solution releases, I feel this one is also kind of big solution approach which involves good amount of technical knowledge

Kubernetes Cluster Networking

To communicate between pods residing on different member nodes, it is necessary that the master node and member node should be able to communicate among each other. Even though all the nodes are able to ping each other, the communication between master and members can be stuck. This happens because kubernetes

[Infographic] Docker Security: What You Need To Know?

While Docker is highly instrumental in facilitating developers, operators, enterprises and users to function smoothly, it is vital to ensure that their containers are firmly secured. To understand this notion in a better manner it is important to get acquainted with the overall scenario of Docker Security.

Evolution of OpenStack: TripleO

There has been a revolution of innovations in OpenStack ecosystem. The latest innovation is TripleO. It is also called OpenStack over OpenStack. The Red Hat OpenStack Platform director is a tool for installing and managing OpenStack environment. It is based primarily on the TripleO. TripleO is a method of deployment in which dedicated ..

Kubernetes: All You Need to Know!!!

Kubernetes is growing, kubernetes is gaining momentum and is de-facto orchestrator in cluster environment. There is lot of traction around using kubernetes for management in premise clusters as well as public clouds. This blog talks about the new jargons in kubernetes. There are 3 basic services exposed by kubernetes for accessing pods viz:

Kubernetes and the Containers – A Look Under the Hood

​Kubernetes is a container orchestration engine that was originally designed by Google. (Google has been using it for 10 years) and is now maintained by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). It has been used to run Google’s massive systems. Kubernetes is also described as a vendor-agnostic cluster and container ..

What is the Status of Containers and Microservices in Enterprises and Telecom

This article covers what are containers and microservices; what are the use cases of containers and microservices in enterprises and telecommunication sectors and evaluation of usability of containers for IT infrastructure. Article also focuses on recent development of containers in network functions ..