Edge-to-Cloud in Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, an Edge-to-Cloud strategy can bring a number of benefits and challenges. Read this blog to know all about it.

[Infographics] What is the state of the Cloud in 2022?

In this infographic, we give an overview of the condition of the Cloud Industry, and take a look at the changes the past few years have caused.

Blog image - The Future of the Public Cloud

The Future of the Public Cloud

With the public cloud becoming integral to the success of businesses, knowing how it’s changing is vital. Trends, forecasts, and other forms of prediction are important to stay on top. In this infographic, we explore the trends and situations affecting the future of the public cloud. What conclusions can you draw from it?

STaaS – the Lifeline for Edge

With the proliferation of the smartphone, market trends have greatly changed; applications demand more storage space and computing power. Businesses want to do more with less – lower costs and maximum use of cloud resources. Now, they can, by leveraging STaaS – Storage as a Service. Read on to learn how it is the ideal accelerator for edge computing.

5 Things VPs of Engineering Can Do to Accelerate GTM

Companies have this need to respond to market needs quickly, but accelerating the process of launching a product can be difficult. Read this article to learn 5 things VPs of Engineering can do to accelerate their product’s GTM.

[Infoblog] Storage as a Service & Fog Computing

Increase in connected devices has augmented the need to bring compute, storage, and communication to the edge of the network to gain faster response time. Storage as a Service, as well know cloud storage model along with Edge computing/Fog computing is making this transformation easy. Read this infoblog to gain the latest insights around STaaS & Edge/Fog.

Selenium 4 is here!

Selenium 4 has many potential factors to accelerate the testing activities with efficiency, which was not possible in its earlier versions. Read on to learn about the key features and some major improvements in this latest version of the tool.

The Top 5 Challenges Enterprises Face While Adopting the Public Cloud

These days, every business is making a beeline for the public cloud. Dig deeper to know the risks that come with the trending technology and how to overcome them.

Enhancing Security in the Public Cloud

Public cloud has been frequently targeted for its supposedly poor security posture. Take a look at this insightful blog, which talks about how security in the public cloud is a shared responsibility of both the vendor & the organization implementing the cloud solution.

How Data Center Products Can Build Synergies with the Public Cloud

With the rise of the cloud, data center products have had to work towards building synergies with the public cloud to ensure they keep delivering value to their enterprise customers. Let us look at how enterprises can achieve this.