Overview of vSphere Web Client Storage Plugin

This article throws light on the advantages of using vSphere web client storage plugin to deal with data center storage. Also, this article talks about the overview on development and testing of vSphere storage plugin and what are prerequisites for development

vSphere Web Client Plugin – Quality Assurance

vSphere Web Client is a program that is designed to manage the VMware vCenter™ server through a browser. It allows an administrator to connect to a Server (vCenter server) system and manage the vSphere environment. Each storage vendor develops their own vSphere web client plugin which allows their customer to manage their storage efficiently through

Strength of vSphere Version for UI Development

Version 5.0 of vSphere supported Flex/Flash for UI (developed VCP on client side). The HTML Bridge was added to the SDK in version 5.5.1. It allows you to develop UI plugins with HTML and Javascript instead of Flex. The HTML bridge has been tested on Windows and Mac OS, with the browsers currently supported by vSphere 6.0, i.e. IE 10, 11 and Chrome and

Journey of vCenter Server and Its Roadmap Ahead

We are well aware about what is a plug-in, so here the focus would be on the concept and usage of plug-ins in computing. To encapsulate the textbook definition, Plug-in is that software component which adds a particular feature to the already existing application or a computer program. VMware also allows this feature in its vSphere Web Client.

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