Voice User Interface

Exploring Voice User Interface (VUIs)

Voice user interface (VUI) is one of the key design trends in 2022. VUI is used for allowing the users to interact with the system through voice…

User Experience For All

A Product, a Service, or Content which is fully Accessible & Usable by its users with the widest possible range of abilities & situations across all streams & ages and is built around a human-centered philosophy that recognizes diversity, embracing the difference is something termed as Best User Experience. It is about making things accessible to individuals (whether they have a disability or not).

API Authentication & Authorization using Passport.js

Get to know a great way of securing your angular applications and protecting your APIs by leveraging Passport.js. Read on to know more.

Witness Minutes of Angular Clarity!

The benefit of working with a design system like Clarity is that it adds a consistent modern user experience for your application or website, freeing up time for your team to focus on other complexities of the application.

Generating Business Value Through Good UX

“Good design is good business,” declared Thomas J Watson, the second president of IBM, in a 1973 lecture to Wharton students. He further said that “We are convinced that good design can materially help make a good product reach its full potential.”
Barriers in software development have lowered considerably compared to the past and most competitors now offer

Key UX Design Trends for 2017

Companies have now started realizing the value of keeping their users happy. Right from a startup to fortune companies have shown attention towards user experience and interface recently. I believe “User Experience” is not a rocket science to understand and implement, if you thoroughly understand your user’s expectations.