Impact of OpenRAN on the Telecom Industry

This interesting read highlights how OpenRAN is changing the telecommunications industry and what this means for the future.

[Infoblog] The Anatomy of 5G

View our infographic on 5G technology overview and use cases.

Basics of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) & Challenges

This article is focused on basics of VNFs: what are virtual network functions (VNFs), architecture of virtual network functions (VNFs), what are the basic components (VNFC and VNF Descriptors (VNFD)), challenges with current VNF development and onboarding to NFV environment and how cloud native VNFs can help overcome the challenges.

Getting Started with Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

First question that comes to mind is whether SDN and NFV are same or different or related technologies? SDN and NFV are independent technologies. SDN creates a separate management plane which sits a floor above the traditional control plane so as to get wider view of the network and orchestrate using network protocols like OpenFlow. So, with the SDN approach