Is the Cloud Next Thing for Long Term Data Retention or Archival?

it is clear that most vendors are focused towards utilizing public cloud or hybrid cloud environments to archive the long-term data. Use of the hybrid cloud means that private cloud can be used to store data, which is bound by compliance and security norms critical to organizations.

NVMe over Fabrics: Fibre Channel vs. RDMA

For enterprises deploying NVMe over Fabric, choosing between Fibre Channel and RDMA can be difficult, because both have advantages and disadvantages.

Why NVMe is Important for New Age Data Center Workloads?

Any enterprise using SSDs will get benefited from the application of NVMe protocol. NVMe based infrastructure will be ideal for use cases representing SQL/NoSQL databases, real-time analytics, high-performance computing (HPC). NVMe enables new applications for machine learning, IoT databases, and analytics; real-time

What is Hybrid Scalable Converged Unified Storage?

Phew! The technical jargons are going the medical naming convention, isn’t it? Practically, they all can be separated to be on their own, so let’s define them separately & then combine them together to see what we get. Layman definition of the individual Terms: Hybrid: It literally means many things build into 1 single Unit, Scalable: It means

Looking Forward to Flash Memory Summit 2016!

Calsoft has been regularly attending Flash summit event. Given our interest in the Storage domain, this is the conference, we cannot miss. Flash Summit always live up to its expectation of providing a platform to network with companies and people that are creating next generation….

Top ten storage start-ups in 2015

  The storage Industry seems to be looking ahead in 2015.  This is due to a fresh cycle of investments and new technologies like cloud based technologies,…