Is the Cloud Next Thing for Long Term Data Retention or Archival?

it is clear that most vendors are focused towards utilizing public cloud or hybrid cloud environments to archive the long-term data. Use of the hybrid cloud means that private cloud can be used to store data, which is bound by compliance and security norms critical to organizations.

Top Considerations for Protecting Data Operations in the Cloud

Cloud computing is emerging technology in today’s world. We can get any kind of applications or services easily without spending any time over Internet. These kinds of business model do not require any upfront investments. It is low the cost, high performance and high availability with good tech support makes your business run without

REST API Security – Best Practices

Software industry has been undergoing change at a rapid pace for quite some time now and so are the ways to design, develop, deploy and support software applications. From large mainframe systems to microservice architectures, the industry sure has travelled a long journey (or rather still continues to do so). And in the process, software design

SDN And NFV – Interesting Times

Looking back May 2015 may become known as the month when big money recognized Network Virtualization. Early in the month Ciena announced an agreement to acquire Cyan…

VMware Virtual SAN: The Next Opportunity?

Software defined Storage (SDS) is the next logical step in the evolution of not just storage, but also virtualization technology. VMware has made its move by introducing…