Why Container Security Became A Critical Aspect For Adopters

Container security can be managed by following a few of the best practices. You can check the best practices in this HawkEye – research article. Regardless of a few vulnerabilities, containers are gravitating to its adopters not just for its speed, efficiency, and scalability but also for its self-contained security model.

Securing Your Elastic Stack

We are generating a tremendous amount of data every second. Today’s common knowledge tells us that there are ample business opportunities for enterprises that want to put this data to work. Elasticsearch is one such tool that has the potential to run a business from the raw data rotting on the storage devices.

[Infoblog] Secure Infrastructure

Get insight on secure infrastructure on this infoblog.

Top Three IoT Concerns for IT Infrastructure

This article talks about how a proliferation of data due to growing number of devices imposes a burden on current IT infrastructure and what needs to be done to tackle the challenges. Concerns are: need faster and high volume data storage systems, need scalable and agile network with high bandwidth and low latency

Security Testing – Considerations, Best Practices & Tools

Security testing is a variant of different types of testing methods and approaches where testing is carried out just to ensure that the product, application or the system under test doesn’t have security related loopholes which might result into loss of valuable information in the hands of those unauthorized. This would cause a serious threat to the organizations. It can

Top Considerations for Protecting Data Operations in the Cloud

Cloud computing is emerging technology in today’s world. We can get any kind of applications or services easily without spending any time over Internet. These kinds of business model do not require any upfront investments. It is low the cost, high performance and high availability with good tech support makes your business run without

Securing Docker Containers

Docker is a great technology which simplifies the development and deployment of distributed applications. While building dockerized applications, security at various points needs to be considered. Due to lack of CPU/Hypervisor, Docker security is fully implemented in Software. Let us look at all prominent security aspects of kernel and container applications

REST API Security – Best Practices

Software industry has been undergoing change at a rapid pace for quite some time now and so are the ways to design, develop, deploy and support software applications. From large mainframe systems to microservice architectures, the industry sure has travelled a long journey (or rather still continues to do so). And in the process, software design

RSA Conference 2017

RSA conference will be held on February 13-17, 2017, at Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA. This year the highlight of the event would be how to safeguard against cyber-crime and protect your data. As the world is getting more and more digital and convenient, simultaneously it is also imposing threats on security and privacy.

Software-Defined Security – Future of Network Security

Network security has been into existence ever since the computers and computer networks came into picture. Network security is as critical and significant as the operating system in every computer. Every company, no matter how big or small their networks are, give special attention to their network security. It is a continuous