Kubernetes at the Edge – a Natural Synergy

Kubernetes, a relatively new entrant in the technological space is fast emerging as a lifeline for edge computing, enabling easy orchestration of workloads and significantly reducing potential break downs and disruptions. Here is more detail as to why leveraging Kubernetes is transformational for edge computing.

The Technology-perfect Storm Coming Together to Drive Edge Adoption

Edge computing makes it easy for organizations to quickly analyze data-intensive and latency-sensitive applications. But what is the perfect technology for Edge orchestration? Read on to find out more about technologies that complement Edge.

Transform Edge Computing with Kubernetes

Kubernetes’ unique model of unified deployment empowers DevOps teams to quickly deploy and roll out new features & updates in an automated manner. Read on to discover why Kubernetes is the most preferred edge computing platform.

The Use Case for Kubernetes at the Edge

Know about the latest developments in how Kubernetes is simplifying the edge deployments.

6 Ways to Secure Your Kubernetes Installations

Explore the different ways to approach container security effectively for a secure architecture and a hardened Kubernetes.

SASE – The Newest Digital Business Enabler

Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE, is the newest buzzword in the network security space. Here is a quick look into what it is, and how it transforms digital business enablement.

Why the Service Mesh Will Be Essential for 5G Telecom Network

It is worth saying that service mesh technologies like Istio, Linkerd, Aspen Mesh, Consul Connect, and others play a key role in making sure better control in heterogeneous environments that have a dynamic requirement in terms of delivery.

Why Should Testing Matter to Telcos?

In today’s competitive times, outages, security risks, or billing issues can break the customer’s trust & result in a loss of face for telecom companies. Read on to know more about why a robust Quality Assurance and Testing process can be beneficial for the telecom sector as a whole.

The Open RAN Wave & Why You Should Know About It

Open RAN has revolutionized the RAN ecosystem and ushered us into an era of innovation in telecommunication. Read on to see how it works and why you should take notice of it.

XGVela: Bring More Power to 5G with Cloud Native Telco PaaS

XGVela integrates CNCF projects based on telco requirements to form General-PaaS. It is architected kept in mind the microservices design method for network function development and further integrated into telco PaaS.