The Future of Telecommunications: 5G, Open RAN, MEC Edge, Automation, Orchestration, Telco Cloud, and Public Cloud

The global telecom market grew from $2868.37 billion in 2022 to $3041.8 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.0%.  This clearly indicates…

Kubernetes: Introduction and Architecture Overview

Kubernetes (also known as k8s or “Kube”) is an open-source container orchestration platform that automates many of the manual processes involved in deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications. …

Levelling up for Web3 Gaming

  The world is moving to Web3 faster than we can think and like every industry, the gaming industry has not remained untouched by its effects. Web3…

Penetration of Technology in our Personal Lives

  A few years ago, I saw the movie ‘HER’, where the protagonist falls in love with an artificial intelligence system, was this the future I thought,…

Return of 3D Graphics in Web and Mobile UI

  After a bright phase in the flat illustration trend, 3D graphics are making a comeback with their dynamic and varied performances in the world of web…

Entering the World of Mixed Reality

Entering the World of Mixed Reality  “Technology Evolution to lead a better life.”  The term “Mixed reality” (MR) describes the interplay of the physical and digital worlds….

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5G Service Based Architecture (SBA)

5G technology roll out signifies an immense revenue opportunity for telecom industry.

Voice User Interface

Exploring Voice User Interface (VUIs)

Voice user interface (VUI) is one of the key design trends in 2022. VUI is used for allowing the users to interact with the system through voice…

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Startups Grab Headlines But Top Talent Must Look Beyond For Long-Term Success

In the last few years, there has been a paradigm shift regarding notions around a successful business. A conducive funding environment, easier access to technology and automation tools, reduced operational expenditures, and low upfront investment

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[Infoblog] Redefining UI/UX with Inclusive Design Thinking

Inclusive Design is the process of designing mainstream products and/or services that can be accessible to, and usable by, as many people as reasonably possible!