5 Career-Building Technologies for Product Developers - 2022 Edition

5 Career-Building Technologies for Product Developers: 2022 Edition

In 2022, the tech landscape has changed greatly, and brand-new disciplines, professions, and industries are on the rise! Here are some of the hottest product developer technologies of 2022 – read on!

How Tech Professionals Should Evaluate Opportunities When They’re in High Demand

The market moves in ebbs and flows, and reading them properly is vital to career success. In this article, Rakhi Sinha shares the factors to consider if your job is in high demand.

Strategic Long-term Product Development Partner

How an ISV Can Recognize a Strategic Long-term Product Development Partner

Investing in the right technology partner can be advantageous in many ways. This article explains how exactly should an ISV perceive and identify a potential partner in the realm of product development.

The different ways in which tech careers can progress at Calsoft

Calsoft’s view is that career development for tech roles needs to be more holistic. It must focus on the overall career development of the individual so that the individual not only enjoys their work, but they enjoy working! Here is how we achieve this.

Is COVID-19 Choking the 5G Dream?

The 5G technology, which till now had a bright future, seems to be inching towards being one of the liabilities. Or is this far from the ground reality? Let’s take a look.

Is the Public Cloud in decline?

When Public Cloud was first introduced, it took the world by storm. The fact that organizations could access resources based on their need and pay only for what they consumed made Public Cloud a great business enabler

Will Blockchain disrupt the world of data storage as we know it?

Blockchain-enabled data storage seems to provide the advantages described above. The question is, in the context of the Enterprise how long will it be before business leaders consider it proven enough to dive in?

The Problem with Enterprise Data Storage and One Promising Solution

With the new information generated per second for every human being predicted to hit 1.7 megabytes by 2020, the expectations from data are enormous. The ability to analyze critical data and unearth critical insights can take enterprises to an entirely different level.

Highlights of Cisco Live 2017

It was a fabulous week at Cisco Live. This event is known for providing the knowledge enterprises need to flourish in their respective digital business. Other than being an inspiration, Cisco Live also brings opportunities to meet numerous technology innovators, thousands of education sessions, IT visionary leaders, important partners of Cisco, and

IoT: A Game Changer in Technology Industry

Across the globe almost each and every domain have started embracing Internet of Things (IoT). Weather its manufacturing, industrial automation, healthcare or artificial intelligence domain the impact of IOT is pretty evident. In the recent past we have seen some really exciting developments in the field of IOT especially how users have started interacting with machines.