Value of NFV for Telecom and Edge Computing

L8istSh9y Podcast and Calsoft Inc. collaborated and had a discussion on the value of NFV for Telecom and Edge Computing. The guests invited were Pavan Gupta and Kiran Divekar, Software Architects, at Calsoft Inc. the podcast was hosted by Stephen Spector (Senior Director Digital Marketing, EdgeGravity by Ericsson) & Rob Hirschfeld (CEO, RackN).

Where the Cloud Native Approach is Taking NFV Architecture for 5G

This blog explains where cloud-native approach in NFV been this year and where it’s headed.

Evolvement of Kubernetes to Manage Diverse IT Workloads

This article talks about how Kubernetes has emerged from container orchestration platform to manage complex workloads in AI and Machine Learning Stacks, Managing containers in NFV architecture and handling hardware GPU resources.

Gartner’s Strategic Tech Trends Show the Need for an Empowered Edge and Network for a Smarter World

Take any leading tech vendors – they are all indulged around these technology trends Gartner has listed. They are actively optimising or innovating existing solutions, offering new revolutionary products to support digital growth. But I believe that all the innovation will be consumed by the end user at its fullest when there is continuous upward innovation..

Comprehending Edge Intelligence with Regards to IT Infrastructure

Author interviewed the CTO of Edge Intelligence firm, Simon Crosby. A discussion was about what are the basics of Edge computing, how analytics helps in making ecosystems intelligent to respond to events, how storage will get revolutionized, how upcoming 5G network features will have impact on edge intelliegence, etc

Evaluating Container Based VNF Deployment For Cloud Native NFV

Containerization can be possibly implemented in mobile edge computing to provide its benefits but full integration will be expected by service providers to enable cloud-native NFV.

Why Cloud-Native VNFs are Really Important for NFV?

To deliver the promise of agility by NFV in 5G need exceptional automation at every level of NFV development. Building cloud-native VNFs seems to be the solution but it is at very early stage.