Solutions to Top 5 challenges in Orchestrating 5G services

The advent of 5G has brought about numerous opportunities for the telecommunications industry. However, to fully realize the potential of this new technology, companies must overcome the…

The Future of Telecommunications: 5G, Open RAN, MEC Edge, Automation, Orchestration, Telco Cloud, and Public Cloud

The global telecom market grew from $2868.37 billion in 2022 to $3041.8 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.0%.  This clearly indicates…

The Effects of Edge on Data Storage

The Effects of Edge on Data Storage

Edge computing is creating a ripple effect across the tech industry, and it is most strongly felt in the Data Storage sector. In this article, we explore four major ways Edge computing is changing Data Storage. Read on…

The Network Effect – Edge Dimension

The Network Effect – Edge Dimension

The worldwide Edge computing market is growing exponentially, and is on track to unlock brand-new avenues of innovation. Do you know how it can help your business grow?

The Open RAN Wave & Why You Should Know About It

Open RAN has revolutionized the RAN ecosystem and ushered us into an era of innovation in telecommunication. Read on to see how it works and why you should take notice of it.

Deploying Computational Storage at the Edge – the 5Ws You Need to Know

Rapidly multiplying data needs innovative storage architectures such as computational storage for enhancing application performance and infrastructure efficiency.

[Infoblog] Edge Computing in the IoT

Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm which brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed,…

Powering Edge With Kubernetes: A Primer

Adoption of Kubernetes into data centers or cloud has been remarkable since it was released in 2014. As an orchestrator of lightweight application containers, Kubernetes has emerged to handle and schedule diverse IT workloads, from virtualized network functions to AI/ML and GPU hardware resources.

Distributed Application Architecture for Edge-Based Service Delivery

Now, as the focus of many enterprises and technology vendors started to shift to edge, a new architecture may evolve as distributed applications have a different environment with a different type of latency requirement.

[Infoblog] Edge Computing: The next big thing

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