Blog image - The Future of the Public Cloud

The Future of the Public Cloud

With the public cloud becoming integral to the success of businesses, knowing how it’s changing is vital. Trends, forecasts, and other forms of prediction are important to stay on top. In this infographic, we explore the trends and situations affecting the future of the public cloud. What conclusions can you draw from it?

Cloud-native Application Development

5 Best Practices in Cloud-native Application Development

The cloud-native approach has enabled the success of many companies, and now thousands of entrepreneurs are following these trailblazers into the cloud. But building a cloud-native company is not easy. In this article, we explore the principles, elements and best practices of cloud-native development.

Is the Cloud Next Thing for Long Term Data Retention or Archival?

it is clear that most vendors are focused towards utilizing public cloud or hybrid cloud environments to archive the long-term data. Use of the hybrid cloud means that private cloud can be used to store data, which is bound by compliance and security norms critical to organizations.

Simplifying Office 365 and Exchange Online Back up with CmsSaasLib

Office 365 suite is widely used by businesses in every domain. In fact, it is taking over its counterparts and has 135 million business users of office 365 products. But this rapid growth in cloud services platform raised a concern for businesses to have a strategy for backup and protect data in office 365 platform. A need for solution is

On-Premises versus Cloud Solutions

This article gives comprehensive overview of on-premises (private) versus public cloud solutions and throws light on building hybrid cloud solutions.

Deduplication Algorithm

Introduction to Deduplication According to wikipedia, “Data deduplication is a specific form of compression where redundant data is eliminated, typically to improve storage utilization. In the deduplication…

All Over In a Flash – The Growth of Flash Arrays

“The market grew significantly faster than we expected” said Eric Burgener of IDC when talking about the Flash Array market in 2014 – not every technology “trend”…