How Tech Professionals Should Evaluate Opportunities When They’re in High Demand

The market moves in ebbs and flows, and reading them properly is vital to career success. In this article, Rakhi Sinha shares the factors to consider if your job is in high demand.

What Enterprise CTOs must know about Infrastructure-As-a- Service (IaaS)

What Enterprise CTOs must know about Infrastructure-As-a- Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service is vital for today’s industries, and the people running them need to know how to use it to its fullest. In this article, CTOs will find concrete benefits and actionable steps to take to implement IaaS for their organization and fully leverage its capabilities.

It’s Time for VPs of Engineering to Embed Analytics into their Products

It’s Time for VPs of Engineering to Embed Analytics into their Products

The world is transforming rapidly. Customer needs and market trends are evolving faster than ever. The onus is on organizations to be nimble, pacy, and data-driven. This is impacting the tools and technologies they use too. 

Product Development Approaches

How Product Development Approaches Must Evolve as The Company Matures

ISVs need to tailor the approaches based on maturity assessments and business needs. Let’s explore how product development approaches must evolve as the company matures in this article.

Raw Material for Industry 4.0

Data – The Raw Material for Industry 4.0

Data is crucial for companies to build products & meet customer demands in the age of smart manufacturing. Read this article to learn how companies are utilizing data for better business benefits.

The Role of Networking in Enabling IoT

It is interesting to see how the world of networking is evolving to support the demands of technologies such as IoT.

[Infoblog] Open Source in Data Center

As the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) model paves the way towards the future of data centers, open-source technologies are at the heart of this technological revolution.

Let’s go beyond QA and look at QE

By integrating quality at every step of the software development lifecycle, companies can create products that set new standards of quality in the market. It’s clear that Quality Engineering is now a strategic function with the potential to deliver a competitive advantage.

[Infoblog] Top 10 Worldwide IT Predictions 2019

Based on IDC analysis, business agility and/or the need for speed from IT and improved security are the top most important trigger factors for considering cloud, in contrast to cost. The market is in need for more consistent and standardized automated cloud resources to enable developers and line-of-business to execute at speed and in a more cost-effective manner.

Analyzing Business Impact of Cloud Modernization

Cloud Modernization may be used in varied sense of its meanings. However for businesses, it means, transforming your infrastructure and applications so that cloud provides best ROI on an ongoing basis. Using cloud modernization to unlock the value of your applications and data, by synergizing them with modern tools of analytics and AI.