Test Automation Projects to Powering Innovation – Our Journey with Dell

A look into Calsoft’s journey of over a decade with Dell encompassing various engineering and innovation projects, and a story of how the relationship evolved and Calsoft went up the value chain.

IA, a Palindrome to AI, also means Infrastructure Agility

With new technologies disrupting the market, customer preferences evolving like never before and market dynamics changing all the time, keeping pace with change is vital.

7 Sectors that are getting transformed by AI

There’s no longer any room for doubt that AI is transforming how the world operates. The effect of AI will only become more and more pronounced. Experts predict that the use cases of the future will be no different from the stuff sci-fi movies are made off. The question is, how will it disrupt your business model?

What is the Status of Containers and Microservices in Enterprises and Telecom

This article covers what are containers and microservices; what are the use cases of containers and microservices in enterprises and telecommunication sectors and evaluation of usability of containers for IT infrastructure. Article also focuses on recent development of containers in network functions ..

[Infographic] Decoding Containers

Containerization is an operating system level virtualization for deploying and running distributed applications without launching entire virtual machine for each application. Therefore it is considered as next revolution in IT infrastructure. Containers have its own benefits like reduction in CAPEX, faster time to market for new services ..

[Infographic] DevOps Adoption: Trends & Facts

Get access to our inforgraphic on DevOps Adoption: Trends & Facts. DevOp is software engineering culture and practice that aims at unifying software development & operation. It focuses on shortening development cycles, increasing deployment frequency and more dependable releases bringing in close alignment with business objectives.

Basics of vCenter Plugin Automation

vCenter plugins are additional features of the vCenter web client that aid in the management of vendor specific operations (on Storage, Networking and virtualization). These plugins are developed by third party developers to provide a vendor specific user interface in vCenter. For example, a Storage vendor can extend the vCenter web client interface

Automation of NFV Infrastructure Deployment & Performance Enhancement Parameters

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are vital technology innovations invented in last few years. Both of these technologies are collectively revolutionizing the current IT and telecom network infrastructure by enabling telco operators to make use of virtual machines in place of network equipment and further program the

Data Center Infrastructure Automation Trends 2017

Data Center infrastructure automation is a traditional market but it has shown some remarkable growth and off the league shift in the past couple of years. It is a high-priority investment for IT organizations today. In the coming years we should expect some major disruption in this domain. Let’s try to analyze some points which will affect the growth of Data Center