Docker Swarm & Flocker Driver Integration

Docker Swarm and Flocker are evolving technologies & I was trying to integrate them but there was some lack of documentation efforts & really its challenge to…

Container Clustering & Management: Docker Swarm, Kubernetes & Apache Mesos and Marathon

Docker Swarm: Swarm is the native Docker clustering solution, Swarm extends the existing Docker API to make a cluster of machines look like a single Docker API. Key Components: Managers: Distribute tasks across the cluster, with one manager orchestrating the worker nodes that make up the swarm.

Flocker Driver/Plugin for Storage Arrays

Data persistence and portability use cases such as moving database containers between hosts and reattaching existing data volumes from shared storage environments can be challenging. When a Docker container moves with a standard volume driver, its data volume stays….

Pros & Cons of vSphere Virtual Storage Appliance

vSphere Virtual Storage Appliance [VSA]: VSA is created for SMBs that either don’t have the budget to buy shared storage hardware or lack the skills to manage…