How to Choose the Right Partner for Outsourcing Product Development Services

How to Choose the Right Partner for Outsourcing Product Development Services

Outsourcing can be a great way for technology companies to access specialized expertise, accelerate their development process, and ultimately bring innovative products to market faster. Read this blog to know how to choose the right partner for outsourcing your product development.

A Guide to Choose the Right Engagement Model for IT Services

Choosing the right IT Services Engagement Model is critical to the success of any business that needs IT support, this blog helps in choosing the suitable engagement model for your business.

Introduction to IT Services Engagement Model

Choosing the right IT services engagement model is important for companies to gain multiple benefits, this blog helps gain introductory information on the engagement models.

[Infoblog] Storage as a Service & Fog Computing

Increase in connected devices has augmented the need to bring compute, storage, and communication to the edge of the network to gain faster response time. Storage as a Service, as well know cloud storage model along with Edge computing/Fog computing is making this transformation easy. Read this infoblog to gain the latest insights around STaaS & Edge/Fog.

Free checklist to choose the right APM solution for your business

APM is crucial to maintain the health and performance of modern applications, to devise an effective APM strategy one needs to combine the best of digital thinking and agile development to go long-run. Read on to delve deeper into this topic and download for free our specially curated checklist for implementing an effective APM strategy.

[Infoblog] 0 to M365 in 30 Days!

Want a reason to opt for Calsoft’s Intelligent Data Protection Framework for M365? We give you 7! Retain multiple versions of a file, easily schedule backups & restores, and do much more with your data. Read this insightful infoblog to know how our M365 plugin packs a punch!

[Infoblog] Why you should consider Data Governance

Drive better business value by understanding the need for data governance and detailing a data governance plan for your organization.

[Infoblog] Tech Trends 2021

The digital shift arising from the pandemic is changing the way we function and has catalyzed growth for many technologies to become showstoppers. Read this article to know about the tech trends in 2021 and how Calsoft’s Mozaic offerings can help you acclimatize to the new normal.

Are Legacy Technologies Delaying the Digital Dream for Established Businesses?

Many IT departments of established businesses today face issues when it comes to managing the day-to-day IT operations with dependencies on these legacy technologies. Read about the practices that can be followed to align growth strategies with the existing legacy technologies to achieve Digital Dream.

Managed Services or Staff Augmentation, or Both: What Works Best for You?

The most common dilemma faced by IT leaders is whether to go for staff augmentation or managed services while adhering to the timelines and budgets. Let’s get into the details of both the services to evaluate what works best for you.