What is Hybrid Scalable Converged Unified Storage?

Phew! The technical jargons are going the medical naming convention, isn’t it? Practically, they all can be separated to be on their own, so let’s define them separately & then combine them together to see what we get. Layman definition of the individual Terms: Hybrid: It literally means many things build into 1 single Unit, Scalable: It means

Use of Docker (Linux Containers – LXC) in Scalability & Performance Testing for NAS Products

Testing of Network Attached Storage (NAS) Arrays is a challenging subject & many OEMs face a daunting task when it comes to performing non-functional testing such as Performance. Another challenge is to test how scalable their product is in-terms of maximum simultaneous connections. Both these kind of testing….

Is it the end of an era for FC SAN?

  The recent changes in the storage industry may be signaling the end of the SAN era. Why? The problem that SAN was designed to solve, still…