Machine Learning – The Data Science Used by Computers to Learn From Data

What is Machine Learning, as per Arthur Samuel way back in 1959: “[Machine Learning is the] field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” Machine Learning is an algorithm or program that read data, analyse it, identify the pattern and base on analysis it will perform operations, it will change rest of its flow, , it will do suggestions & recommendations.

OpenStack Cloud Orchestration – Automation for Cloud Infrastructure Deployment

Orchestration will enumerate different resources; it will do configuration & interconnection between them with the help of declarative template. AWS Cloud Formation, OpenStack Heat provides such declarative template that orchestrates all IT processes to build environment as single workflow and when we execute these templates it will run as single process.

Importance of Automation in QA Ecosystem for Rapid Product Release Cycle

Every product should go through quality assurance or testing, before going to market, to make sure that the product is developed as per expectations. This involves various testing phases such as build testing, smoke/sanity testing, feature testing, regression testing and sometimes products need to go through performance testing as well. All these phases help

Top Considerations for Protecting Data Operations in the Cloud

Cloud computing is emerging technology in today’s world. We can get any kind of applications or services easily without spending any time over Internet. These kinds of business model do not require any upfront investments. It is low the cost, high performance and high availability with good tech support makes your business run without