Cognitive Computing – A New Era of Thinking

Digital computation from number computation to text to rich media computation in the computing era is showing the sign of aging. The next big digital revolution in the current era of computation is trending towards context based computation popularly known as cognitive computing. So, what is cognitive….

MAID Storage – Little Known Facts

MAID stands for Massive Array of Idle Disks, a technology that significantly reduces power consumptions and increases the longevity of disk drives. The core logic behind MAID is to reduce the number of spinning disks to a minimal number by shutting down idle disks. MAID technology is mostly targeted in the systems

Data Reduction in Primary Storage – Boon or a Burden?

In recent times there are many storage players embarking into the market and the competition is fierce. Storage vendors would not like to be behind in offering rich features in their products to attract customers. In addition, there are FUDs around dealing storage in a traditional ways due to….

File System Testing – A Sneak Peak

File system is one of the most essential components in any storage appliance especially in NAS storage appliances. It plays a significant role in data reduction technologies such as; compression, de-dupe, thin provisioning, data integrity, security, data protection, and many more. Because of this tremendous dependency on….

Should Datacenters go the Hyper-Converged way?

Change is inevitable and so is applicable to datacenters. Trends show that datacenters are adopting new changes as many disruptive technology vendors embark into the datacenter business. Players ranging from flash storage to software defined storage, viz., Pure Storage, Nimble, Nutanix, Simplivity, etc., are all boarding this ….