Challenges of Cloud Application Development

Web applications running on a cloud platform are different from applications running on-premise in many ways. A cloud based infrastructure provides many services and options to develop a scalable and highly available application which can cater to a global audience. It provides unlimited opportunities for an application to scale and match business requirements.

Deployment and Implementation of Hybrid Cloud for an Enterprises

Over the years, business entities have setup their IT infrastructure using high end Hardware and custom built applications. Beyond a point, this infrastructure cannot be scaled to meet the challenges of growing business needs. Professional cloud service providers offer cheaper and better options which can be leveraged to meet growing business need.

Use of Cloud Technologies in Smart City Programme

India‚Äôs Economy is growing rapidly. There is massive migration of people from rural to urban areas. Cities are expanding in all directions. Local government is pressurized to expand and increase the physical infrastructure to accommodate the increasing population. Government of India has initiated an ambitious Smart Cities programme to make….