What is the Status of Containers and Microservices in Enterprises and Telecom

This article covers what are containers and microservices; what are the use cases of containers and microservices in enterprises and telecommunication sectors and evaluation of usability of containers for IT infrastructure. Article also focuses on recent development of containers in network functions ..

Principles of Cloud Native Applications: A Hybrid Approach

As both public and private clouds evolve, there is a surge to evaluate, design and build applications on hybrid cloud architectures. These cloud native applications follow the…

OpenStack Summit, May 2017, Boston – An Experience

I got the opportunity to attend the OpenStack summit in Boston. The summit was full of events mostly focused on OpenStack cloud, but many other things including NFV, Kubernetes, Containers, DevOps and approaches to pursuing multi-cloud approach. Many companies showcasing their products, platforms, software solutions were the highlights of the

Kubernetes Networking Internals

Kubernetes works on the principle of assigning IP addresses to pods, called as “IP-per-pod” model. The IPAM (IP address management) task is left to third party solutions. Some of these solutions include Docker networking, Flannel, IPvlan, contive, OpenVswitch, GCE and others. The Kubernetes architecture consists of master node, replication controller..

Getting Started with Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

First question that comes to mind is whether SDN and NFV are same or different or related technologies? SDN and NFV are independent technologies. SDN creates a separate management plane which sits a floor above the traditional control plane so as to get wider view of the network and orchestrate using network protocols like OpenFlow. So, with the SDN approach

Securing Docker Containers

Docker is a great technology which simplifies the development and deployment of distributed applications. While building dockerized applications, security at various points needs to be considered. Due to lack of CPU/Hypervisor, Docker security is fully implemented in Software. Let us look at all prominent security aspects of kernel and container applications