AI/ML: Saving the Planet, 1 Dataset at a Time!

Ocean Data Alliance is an organization using AI and satellite images to track coral bleaching, ocean mining, and water pollution to keep oceans clean.

Top 5 Resilient Technologies

Key verticals that seem to lead this growth are Digital Collaboration, OTT Streaming, Retail, and Telehealth.

What’s Keeping Datacenters Afloat During the COVID19 Pandemic?

While in many cases this pandemic has proved to be a roadblock, it has also taught people to be flexible and adopt technologies that can keep the show going on.

IoT- the Future in the Making

IoT seems to be one of the fastest growing technologies in nearly every field and it will be interesting as well as safe to explore the aspects of this technology, which is predicted to grow and generate tremendous revenue.

How the Blockchain Market Is Emerging in the World

Blockchain surely holds a strong market and it is expected to grow at a great rate in the coming years. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to surpass others in adopting blockchain, specifically in the financial sector.