Overview of vSphere Web Client Storage Plugin

This article throws light on the advantages of using vSphere web client storage plugin to deal with data center storage. Also, this article talks about the overview on development and testing of vSphere storage plugin and what are prerequisites for development

SIOC (Storage IO Controller)

Storage IO Controller is used to manage the IO on VM in an efficient way. We can consolidate our storage by using SIOC, It will allow more VMs which we can map on the datastore. Every VM disk has its own share of storage resource and using SIOC we can manage these shares. The VM has more share then more throughput and low latency.

RBAC (Role Based Access Control) for VCP

RBAC is a way to provide an access to the logged in user in vCenter server. The administrator user can create roles and assign privileges to the user for role based access control. In vCenter plugin, we can manage RBAC by creating specific privileges, like read only snapshot dashboard, Limited access to Datastore operations.