Penetration of Technology in our Personal Lives


A few years ago, I saw the movie ‘HER’, where the protagonist falls in love with an artificial intelligence system, was this the future I thought, but today I guess all of us have fallen in love with the technology of every kind. Gadgets and devices have become an integral part of our existence. 

Every person is a curious researcher with all the source files at their fingertips. Digital assistants, Alexa and Siri are here to answer questions about almost anything in the world. 

Technology is shaping our world in a way where a person can live alone comfortably even on a remote island if he has a good internet connection. In unimaginable ways, it has made our lives faster, easier, and most importantly more fun. No wonder the 21st century is referred to as the ‘Technology Age.’ 


Our Dawn to Dusk is Digitised 

 In the last decade, our lives have undergone a metamorphosis due to technology! Instead of parents screaming our names, it is now the sweet sound of smartphone alarms that wake us up in the morning. Reminders update us about our schedule for the day. Apps allow getting a ride from a stranger to our workplaces where our laptops accompany us till EOD. Our evening walks are not complete without a Fitbit. Dating apps take care of matching our profiles with millions and lining up options for us. Video streaming on OTTs is everyone’s go-to to wind down at night. We are nose-dived into technology exploring its deepest trench. 


Co-working Spaces and budding Digital Nomads 

Organizations are now dependent on modern technological advancements and working methodologies across the world. Businesses have expanded beyond physical borders thanks to the ease in the form of video conferencing and other online collaboration tools.  

Co-working space is a concept that was alien a few years back but now is a norm! This has not only made an employee’s work-life balance easier but also created a breed of Digital Nomads that work from any part of the world not being bound to permanent places or people. 


Gadgets and the Game of Drones! 

Gone are the days when only wildlife photographer and professionals carried their lenses and DSLRs. Today even a layman is well-equipped with the best digital cameras, tripods, monopods with revolving booths, etc. Drones are casually used for travel videos, capturing family events/ceremonies, photo/video shoots, etc. Gadgets today are much more than possessions. Electronic Game Consoles, Motion Sensor games, Virtual Reality headsets, and multiple others have created a whole ‘Gaming Community.’ Well, they have not just created careers but gadgets like certain smartphones and tablets have become a status symbol for many. 


eLearning – Easy, Effortless, and Eternal Learning! 

Youtube videos and many other platforms have made it effortless to study any subject for free anytime you want. Before digitalization, the concept of graduating was restricted to a traditional timeline of life, but today it’s not rare to graduate at 57 or 90 or any age! Online degrees are a technical boon to countless people living in remote/rural areas or who could never complete their education. 


Black/whiteboards are replaced with smartboards now. With diverse innovations like eModules, knowledge is approachable for a majority of people. Technology is a bridge between the urban and rural areas with the whole ‘e-Kranti’ in villages! One such example of that is many people in villages are creating their own youtube channels with a little help from their kids and are earning handsome money by monetizing their content.  



Social Network and the Buzzing Virtual Spaces 

Old school & college mates are no longer lost, keeping up with every relative is easier than ever (unless you don’t want to). But more than that you have the liberty to choose a friend from any part of the world! 

Apart from the basic ‘connectivity’ feature, social media has anchored much deeper into our approach towards life. Our actions have seen a sea change, our goals, schedules, shopping lists, crucial life events, etc. are all stuffed in our phones. Millions of apps dictate our choices of all kinds of services.  

The algorithms identify our interests and help us find on-demand rides, short- and long-term rentals, and have food delivered to our door. The virtual spaces have given a platform to people from all walks of life to showcase their talent to the world and opened new doors of opportunities. 


An Isolation that Connected People 

The outbreak of Covid-19 made almost everyone take a leap in the digital dimension. It changed the way the world functioned. One of the most significant changes is our relationship with places, people, and routines.  

For many of us, the outbreak was a wake-up call that made us realize that we don’t have to bind ourselves to life around us. Instead, we can be flexible and adaptable, and create a life that works for us. Most jobs quickly went remote and cashless payment increased at a jet speed.  

It was only possible due to technology playing a huge part in every aspect, especially healthcare. Online consultations and medicine home deliveries quickly became common. Even workout videos and online fitness instructors were available at the push of a button.  



“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.”  

– Bill Gates 

Co-founder of Microsoft 

The penetration of technology has sure been deep and, the overall quality of our life has improved in ways manifold. Currently, concepts like cryptocurrency, self-driving cars, etc. are navigating towards us and may soon become part of our lives. It is interesting to anticipate further wonderful advancements in technology that will make the next paradigm shift in our lives and impact the world in even better ways! 


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