Why Do We Call Ourselves a “Technology First” Company?

A decade or so ago, Mark Andreesen famously said “software is eating the world”. Cut to the information economy now where technology has become all-pervasive across industries and functions. There’s no longer any point in distinguishing between technology and non-technology companies.

Organizations such as Walmart, Citi, Ford, and GE, are traditionally not considered technology companies, are racing to be technology companies. However, some companies have a tech stack, and some companies are technology-first.

The term, ‘technology-first’ is usually employed by organizations whose revenues are closely tied with technology. For Calsoft, however, the term ‘technology first’ has a deeper meaning, a meaning that is woven into our DNA and the fabric of our organization.

Technology focus

Deep technology expertise quite obviously forms the core of our ‘technology first’ being. We work on core software engineering technologies in the timeless domains of storage, networking, virtualization, cloud, security, blockchain, and more.

We have an exhaustive services portfolio that spans product engineering, DevOps, Intelligent IT, UX engineering, and Quality Assurance.  Our skill sets and experience of working with cutting edge tech and developing world-class solutions that have a direct business impact has also helped us create Centers of Excellence in the areas of storage, networking & telecom, Kubernetes, and Cloud. Some of the best-known names in the world are witnesses to our work.

For us, being technology-first means extending our technology footprint across the board and involves being equally conversant with established technologies and emerging, new-age ones as well.

Dynamic work domain

Calsoft has been designing cutting-edge technology solutions across dynamic work domains. We work with a plethora of new-age, cutting-edge, and trending technologies in the data center space. It’s almost a regular affair  for us to work on technology areas months or years before they become buzzwords.

A technology-first company is a company that knows how to tap the power of technology and does not favor one technology over the other. The technology choices stem from the use case and the problem it is trying to solve and the needs of the project. We are not driven by one particular technology but rather apply our knowledge of technology options to find the best way to solve the problem at hand.

Our deep domain expertise across industries and technologies aids the decision-making process in selecting the technology that suits the project best. Coupled with our technology expertise, this also ensures that we can work with both legacy and modern technology across domains to navigate this software-driven world.

Tech-defined Growth Plans

Change is now a constant and the shelf life of technologies is increasingly reducing. As such, to call ourselves technology-first, we consciously make sure that the accelerating pace of technological change does not create a skills gap.

We have well-designed growth plans for our employees that not only ensure that their technical knowledge is always current but also ensure that these growth plans systematically prime the employees for leadership positions.

We encourage employees to benefit from customized skill and growth plans based on their skills requirement and choice. Our employees also have access to dedicated experts as mentors and have first-hand access to great resources, opportunities, and the right tools to help them along their career paths.

Our objective is to develop well-rounded technology leaders of tomorrow by delivering enablement today.

Educational Support Initiatives

Given the vast technology landscape, we try to accommodate the unique learning needs of our workforce that help us remain technology-first. Taking the above-mentioned point a step further are our educational support and learning and development initiatives.

We believe in delivering enablement through education. As such we help our employees along their path of self-improvement. We support their needs for higher education in the technological domain with our tie-up with a globally reputed institution.

High-energy tech teams

People are our greatest assets – we do not pay lip service to this term. We live it.

Our workforce comprises some of the brightest minds with a mindset of continuous learning. They work on highly complex, mission-critical systems, implement best-in-class solutions for clients and solve interesting and complex problems across domains and industries.

The yearning for learning is reflected in our dedication towards researching new technology stacks. We live our passion and stay technologically curious by participating in several technology conferences and meet-ups. We encourage our workforce to contribute actively towards increasing the technology knowledge repository by contributing technical blogs and articles, research papers, presentations, and publications.

In Conclusion

Being a ‘technology-first’ organization means more than working on the latest ‘it’ technology or simply tying our revenues to technology. For us, this term means a way of life – a life where technology becomes the force around which every activity and action revolves. But more importantly, it is about building technology understanding and ensuring that it permeates across Calsoft’s organizational DNA.


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