9 Cloud Areas with the Most Potential in the Post-Pandemic World

We have all known cloud technology to be flexible and reliable, but in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has emerged as a resilient one too. Organizations that had cloud adoption as a part of their long-term goals, had to implement it at a break-neck speed to ensure business continuity during the lockdown. Fast-forward to the future, cloud holds a lot of promise once the global lockdown is lifted.

This blog is a round-up of our series of 9 mini-blogs called Calsoft Cloud 9 Series, which focuses on the 9 cloud use cases that hold a tremendous potential in the Post-Pandemic era.

  1. Remote Collaboration: Digital workspaces enable employees to communicate with peers, access information, and manage workflows. Read more here.
  2. Virtual Conferencing: Events and conferences are being conducted virtually using cloud-based conferencing apps. Read more here.
  3. VoIP: The pandemic has got people talking more to family, friends, and co-workers. Read more here.
  4. Digital Entertainment: While social distancing, people are turning to digital entertainment for relief. Read more here.
  5. Virtual Events and Conferences: Take a look at how virtual events and conferences have gained importance during the pandemic here.
  6. Digital Education: Educational institutions are adopting a virtual approach to keep the classes going. Read more here.
  7. E-commerce: Despite the slowdown due to the pandemic, online retail is picking up steam. Read more here.
  8. Cloud Security: Increased instances of remote working and cyberattacks have led to the rise in demand for cloud security services. Read more here.
  9. Digital Health: Solutions like Telemedicine for remote consultations and remote patient monitoring through wearable devices are gaining ground, thanks to the global lockdown. Read more here.

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