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Join Calsoft in an exclusive Twitter chat series on VCP (vCenter Plugins) using #VCP_Unplugged

With VMworld just around the corner, Calsoft invites you to be a part of a 3-day Twitter chat series from 14th to 16th August, that addresses challenges and queries about and around VCPs. The chat agenda extensively entails:

  • Challenges that developers face in vCenter Plugin Development
  • Ways to migrate vCenter with the external platform service control
  • Understanding which infrastructure is involved for testing the web client plugin, and much more

Dates and speakers:

  • 14th August 2018, Tuesday - vCP development  front-end and back-end - Jayant Ahirrao @JayantAhirrao
  • 15th August 2018, Wednesday -  vCP migration to 6.7 - Vinod Sharma @vgsharma1
  • 16th August 2018, Thursday - vCP test automation – Vijay Jawale @VijayJawale8

Time: 9:00 to 10:00 PDT (21:30 to 22:30 IST)

Use #VCP_unplugged to ask your questions.

Chat Prelude:

As we are all well aware of what plug ins are, this chat will be more focused on concept and usage of plug-ins in computing. To encapsulate the textbook definition, Plug-in is that software component which adds a particular feature to the already existing application or a computer program.

VMware also allows this feature in its vSphere Web Client. vSphere Web Client plug-in is a program that is designed to extend the user interface for Web Client to a browser. It allows an administrator to connect to a Server (vCenter server) system and manages the vSphere client environment. VMware gives the third party developers the facility to customize the plug-in according to its use and product.

Virtualization and Storage go hand-in-hand and it is an essential step to speed up computing on the cloud.

Plug-in helps storage agencies to achieve efficiency and simplicity in data center operations. It provides permission to vCenter Server to perform storage related tasks easily.

Your Hosts

Jayant Ahirrao - Senior Developent Engineer
With 7.5 years of experience in Backend development of Storage, Virtualization domain products Jayant is working as Senior Development Engineer at Calsoft. Developed vCenter web client plugins for different clients as per their business requirement.

Vinod Sharma - Senior QA Engineer

With 8 year of Quality Assurance experience in Storage, Virtualization and Backup & Recovery domain, Vinod is working as Senior QA Engineer at Calsoft. Worked with top leading MNCs in the IT industry.

Vijay Jawale - Senior Software Development Engineer

Having 3.5 years of experience in designing and developing enterprise-class products into Storage, Virtualization domain with excellent hands-on, on various development frameworks.

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