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Kubernetes Networking and CNI

As public and private clouds are evolving, everyone is looking to build applications for cloud architectures.

Join our Twitter chat to get insights into the need of kubernetes in public clouds

On 27th April 2018, Friday at 09:00 PDT (21:30 IST / 17:00 BST), Use #KubeKonnect and learn how clusters are incomplete without kubernetes.

You can pre-register your questions by clicking on the below link and your host, Kiran Divekar will answer them at the scheduled time for the Twitter chat.

Event Prelude:

There is a paradigm shift in the functioning of public and private clouds with endeavours of striking a balance between scalability and cost efficiency in terms of development and deployment on the cloud. Leveraging cloud services to get run-time platform capabilities such as performance, scalability and security out of the box is almost like a mandate.

We invite you to have a twitter chat with our expert and discuss how Kubernetes integrate with clouds to utilize storage volume and load balancing services.

The discussion will primarily revolve around the following:

  1. Liaison between Kubernetes and cloud native
  2. Kubernetes: the de-facto orchestrator.
  3. Deep dive into kubernetes networking jargon
  4. Need of kubernetes in public clouds

Your Host: Kiran Divekar - Networking Architect

Kiran possesses 17 years of experience on architecture and designing variety of projects in the areas of Container security, openstack plugins, cloud migrations, SDN systems and NFV development and performance.

He has deep knowledge of system software stack, Linux administration, Linux kernel debugging, System start-up scripts, Network security, Network switch software, Wifi Networking. In the past he has also been a major contributor to Linux Kernel in the 2.6.36 cycle.

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