VMware Storage Certification

To match your customer’s expectation, your product may require right set of certification to leverage the flexibility, cost efficiency and, high availability of VMware Infrastructure. Calsoft assist vendors looking for VMware storage certification.

‘Preparing test bed’ usually done manually includes following challenges-

  • Repetitive and time consuming task
  • Impacts deployment time for certification process
  • Complex and prone to human error
  • Low on performance

Value Proposition:

  • Reduction in overall time for product to be VMware Ready
  • Reliable way to automatically create test environment
  • Easy to create
  • Error free test setup can be created

VMware Storage Certification at Calsoft

Calsoft has been assisting storage vendors to qualify their products for hardware compatibility with VMware infrastructure.

Templating of Test Environment
  • Creating templates of all Virtual Machines
  • Deploy at will
  • Use combination of open source tools to automate process
  • Powershell to automate VM creation, configuration
  • Powershell to automate host configuration
  • Automated OS installation

Key steps taken in testing process:

  • Certification Test Environment Setup – ‘Preparing test bed’ typically means configuring three VMware ESX hosts (TriggerHost, TestHost1 & TestHost2) and their virtual machines.
    1. Creating numerous VMs
    2. Customized configuration of VMs
    3. Installing different OS on each of them
    4. Post OS install Configurations to the VM’s
  • Executing VMware recommended tests – VMware Workbench is a suite of test cases recommended by VMware which run in an automated fashion. Calsoft developed automated test setup triggers the VMware Workbench.
  • Uploading logs to VMware for compatibility analysis – VMware Workbench on a successful run will generate logs. Calsoft developed automation uploads these logs to the VMware website for compatibility analysis.

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