Virtual Machine Archival APIs

Virtual machine sprawl results from persistent deployment and growth of virtual machines, some of which sits unused long after their useful lives. Virtual machine archival enablement is hence an opportunity to save the wastage of top-dollar primary storage.

Server virtualization vendors as well as data protection vendors hire Calsoft to enable standardization of APIs for virtual machine archival. 

Value Proposition:

Backup & Archival Product Vendors (IBM Tivoli, Symantec, Commvault)
  • Support various virtualization environments with minimal changes to archival product VMware, HyperV, Citrix Xen, KVM
  • Entry to new market – Virtual Machine archival market

Server Virtualization Product Vendors (VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, and Linux KVM)

  • Optimized usage of primary storage (Opex & Capex savings for end user): As many-a-times storage used for virtual machines is higher end in terms of performance, CAPEX and OPEX saving has fair amount of scope
  • Virtual machine archival feature enablement

Calsoft’s Expertise

Virtual Machine Archival APIs help bolsters intelligent archiving and instant recovery capabilities boosting virtual platform utilization. At Calsoft, we assist ISVs achieve VM archival through:
  • Replacing a virtual disk with dummy zero byte virtual disk
  • Recognizing “Archived” state of virtual machine
  • Trapping all operations on “Archived” VM and send VM restore request before the VM operation proceeds

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