Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Enterprises are increasingly adopting virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) to extend the benefits of virtualization from servers to user desktops.

There are a few challenging technical areas that every VDI solution must overcome at some point. Challenges range from understanding associated licensing requirements to the performance of a wide area network.

VDI Deployment Challenges Calsoft’s Expertise
  • IOPS reduction is the first challenge resulting from desktop consolidation
  • IOPS quickly multiplies in VDI deployments as VMs virtually sit on a single hard disk
  • Benchmarking a given hardware array for IOPS performance in VDI deployments
  • Software IO caching using kernel driver


Data Deduplication  Security

  • Overall storage requirement for consolidation gets massive
  • In enterprise environments, OS image and user data could be redundant        
  • Use of data deduplication to restrict linear growth of storage
  • Data access through virtual desktop in VDI deployments brings up a need to authenticate and authorize every user
  • Different levels of authorization might exist at an enterprise level
  • VDI environment integration with active directory to ensure security
  • Access control in VDI enabled data centers
  • Use of de-duplication algorithms at the block and file system level

VDI Monitoring

  • VDI deployments need to be monitored for compliance and performance purpose
  • VDI activities require monitoring to avoid fatal failures and downtime
  • Compliance with various government regulations e.g. SoX, HIPAA
  • SNMP, SMI-S based performance and failure monitoring

P2V and V2P

  • Provision given desktop or laptop into cloud
  • Provision physical desktop or laptop from virtualized desktop
  • Conversion to-and-from physical and virtual environments


  • Grow or shrink VDI environment dynamically
  • ‘Pay-as-you-grow’ options for VDI deployments

Data Center-in-a-Box Solution

  • Self-sufficient compute and storage box ready with virtualization support
  • Capable of linking and making a cluster with another box of the same type dynamically

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