vCloud Director and vCenter Lab Manager

Vendors with Cloud Service Providers(CSPs) as their customers hire Calsoft to help them leverage vCloud Director for cloud integration requirements. We are a VMware TAP Alliance Partner – Elite level.

Calsoft brings niche expertise to assist vCenter Lab Manager and vCloud Director users. We have helped our customers in getting a consolidated view of VMware vCloud Director API. Our expertise spans across:

  • vCloud Connector
  • vCloud Director Integration

VMware vCloud Connector

vCloud connector is an enterprise product that provides a single user interface for overseeing multiple public and private clouds and transfer cloud content from one cloud to another. It enables connecting multiple clouds, both internal and external, in a single user interface.

VMware vCloud Connector Components 

Component Details
vCloud Connector UI  vCloud Connector UI is the user interface that the vCloud Connector server produces.
It can be surfaced in vSphere Client. You decide where to display the UI during the configuration process.
vCloud Connector Server The vCloud Connector server is a virtual appliance that coordinates the activity of vCloud Connector, controls vCloud Connector nodes, and produces the vCloud Connector UI.
Only one vCloud Connector server is needed.
vCloud Connector Nodes vCloud Connector nodes are virtual appliances that handle transferring content from one cloud to another.
A vCloud Connector node must be installed in every vSphere or vCloud Director-based cloud that vCloud Connector oversees.

VMware vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director transforms the way IT produces and manages infrastructure services, and the way users access and consume them. VMware vCloud Director integrates with management and service desk solutions to enable the move to cloud computing with minimal disruption. It serves as an umbrella for vCloud Connector and vCenter Orchestrator Plug-ins. It focuses on private and hybrid cloud-computing infrastructures.

vCloud Director Architecture

Key Features

  • Create Standardized Virtual Datacenter
  • Maintain security and control over multi-tenant environments
  • Builds on vSphere and scales up to 10,000 VMs and 25 vCenter Servers
  • Creates virtual datacenters, by pooling resources into new units of consumption.

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