Enterprises aiming at scalability and High Performance Computing environments need to identify and remove I/O bottlenecks. It is vital to select a partner possessing tools, skills and knowledge to completely examine and optimize your entire I/O path that delivers high performance, endurance, and reliability.

Calsoft assures success to its customers by way of:

  • Firmware – Optimizing wear leveling and write performance
  • Caching – SSD PCIe device driver and caching
  • Storage management – Volume manager, block driver, IO driver
  • Performance – Compression, block level de-duplication
  • Data security – Fault tolerance using NVRAM, software RAID, mirroring and snapshots
  • Array management – Management console and REST API accessibility, integration enablement for third-party north-bound API
  • Vendor integration – VMware (SAN-VAAI, NAS-VAAI, VASA, vCenter plugins), Microsoft (NFS/CIFS, VSS, SMI-S)

**Storage IPs – ready-to-use protocol compliance test suites (iSCSI, SMB 2.x 3.x ) for new vendors

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