Software Defined Storage

SDS technologies are designed to speed up delivery of IT services to stakeholders, offering flexible configurations and agile deployment options. Calsoft offers a wide variety of enterprise-class data storage management solutions to manage, protect, access, and restore your business data.

  • Storage management functions:

    • Management UI: Development of SDS management components for vendors’ NAS appliances (SOAP and REST based, with standard API hooks)
    • Provisioning:
      • Development of SMI-S-based storage provider, development of OpenStack Cinder driver
      • Development of VMware plugins: Ready-to-use plug-ins for provisioning, monitoring, and metering of storage resource consumption, for multiple vendors
      • Development and testing around VMware SDS certifications (VAAI and VASA), for multiple vendors
      • Development and testing of storage volume provisioning for Docker containers
    • Performance: RAID-based I/O performance optimization, Storage cache mirroring
    • Resiliency/Availability: SDS integration component for health monitoring and error detection (SES enclosure, multipathing)
    • Data security: Volume and file system level encryption across multiple vendor devices
    • Automation: Puppet integration for Initiator and Target connectivity; Policy-based storage tiering

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