Data Protection

Managing backup and recovery efforts for traditional monolithic environments has been straightforward, but in the age of virtual machines, distributed applications, and cloud platforms, the traditional approach can no longer scale.

Calsoft assists product companies in developing backup and recovery solutions that are designed to perform at scale and fulfill a wide range of workload needs for present-day requirements as well as loads expected in the future. The data protection expertise spans across:

Enterprise Backup

  • Development of plugins/connectors/adapters
  • Development of backup/recovery functionality for virtualized environments (VMware, hyper-v)
  • Development of backup/recovery functionality for enterprise business applications (file shares, common storages), databases (MSSQL, SAP HANA & Oracle), communication & collaboration (Exchange, Sharepoint, etc.)
  • Development and implementation of the application-aware snapshot based on orchestration and point-in-time recovery
  • Assessment and solution development for an organization’s policies HA/DR capabilities & business continuity strategies
  • Integration with backup and DR products

Endpoint Backup

  • Backup & recovery feature for endpoint devices
  • Bare Metal Recovery of end devices
  • Easy UI for managing user level backups and recoveries
  • Development of agentless backup functionality for VMware
  • Backup automation on end devices in distributed environments
  • Ready-to-use backup client OVA for VMware environments
  • Development of CBT for endpoint incremental backups & high-speed recoveries

Cloud Backup 

  • Product development for cloud independent or federated data protection
  • Cloud gateway development
  • Development of connectors/plug-ins to leading cloud service/platform providers such as – Azure, AWS, OpenStack, S3, BOX, Dropbox
  • Orchestration and automation of cloud backups
  • Development of backup solutions for private/public/hybrid cloud
  • Integration of backup/restore workflows with vendor-specific hypervisors (For e.g., VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, KVM)

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