Global connectivity of enterprise grade offices, is disrupted. WAN connectivity, with MPLS & MetroEthernets, is getting charmed with adoption of cloud and Software defined technology. SD-WAN, Software Defined – WAN, is the answer to expensive, higher time-to-commission & exclusive WAN offerings. It has added advantages of on-demand & need-basis WAN provisioning, optimized routing of cloud traffic and enhanced security, visibility & monitoring.

Software Defined WAN is the latest wave on the WAN arena.

  • It amalgamates different WAN technologies – legacy & new
  • It is cloud-native & cloud-aware
  • It can route traffic based on application data.
  • It can apply security measures like Deep packet inspection (DPI), Firewall policies & encryption on traffic

The value additions are on-demand and on need basis. They can be orchestrated centrally, with minimal or no dependency on remote branch.

SD WAN Expertise

Calsoft’s Software Defined-Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) Services

Calsoft helps SD-WAN vendors in developing software modules, to enhance their ongoing development efforts:

Software Development

  • Pluggable module for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) & Application identification
  • Customer premise Equipment (CPE) reporting module
  • VXLAN tunnelling library
  • Service chaining engine

Ecosystem Integration

Calsoft helps SD-WAN vendors in making their products compliant to existing platforms of Network Virtualization & Cloud

  • Plugin development as per requirement of framework
  • Edge configuration in framework
  • Automation scripts/DevOps components for orchestrated deployment

Quality Assurance

Calsoft has rich expertise in Quality Assurance across multiple computing & networking domains. A SD-WAN vendor can expect

  • End to end testing of SD-WAN solution, right from CPE deployment to central orchestration.
  • Performance & benchmarking on different hardware & ecosystems
  • Penetration testing, vulnerability assessment & hardening of software
  • Conformation of separation of mutli-tenant environment

Best Practices

Calsoft contributes in generating white-papers on best practices for choosing a SD-WAN vendor.

  • Identification of selection criteria
  • Evaluation methods for each criteria
  • Comparative study of different approaches
  • Guidance on dos & donts while selecting a vendor

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