Organizations are increasingly exploring ODL to solve critical network challenges as production-ready SDN deployments continue to grow.  However, even as organizations turn to ODL, they invariably have to go through a steep learning curve before they can make the most out of this technology.

Calsoft is an early adopter of OpenDayLight technology. We help SDN providers and network equipment manufacturers to build scalable products in sync with our long-standing networking expertise. We help them right from SDN product ideation and design to implementation, testing and support.

Calsoft’s ODL services include:

  • Application development on top of ODL using the APIs exposed by the controller
  • Feature development for ODL
  • South-bound plugin development in ODL (southbound plugins talk to switches in the language that switches understand. For e.g., OFP, NetConf, etc.)
  • Plug-in development for OpenFlow 1.3, AD-SAL and MD-SAL
  • Maven-based build automation and testing
  • Protocol development
  • Integration of SDN with OpenStack, VMware ecosystem, etc.
  • Integration of DevOps with SDN
  • QA services – Functional, Protocol, Performance, Scalability, etc.
  • Automation expertise – Building new frameworks or use existing ones like OFLOPS, cBench, etc.
  • Analytics and management UI development
  • Integration of network services with NSX
  • Integration of SDN solutions with monitoring tools

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